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Episode 24: Friendship Across Difference

In this episode, Rhiana and Ivy talk about the challenges — and occasional joys — of interracial friendships and other types of "friendship across difference," and examine their own complicated history of making friends.

Hosted by Rhiana Gunn-Wright & Ivy Onyeador
Edited by Martine Powers
Production Help from Shahla Naimi
Theme Music by Taja Cheek


Episode 23: Insecure: The Deep Dive

Consider this a comprehensive, PhD-level seminar on Issa Rae's hit show Insecure, and the politics and complexities of Season Two.

Hosts: Ivy Onyeador & Rhiana Gunn-Wright
Producer: Martine Powers
With Special Help from: Shahla Naimi
Theme Music: Taja Cheek

Music from this episode:
--Girls of the Internet, "When U Go"
--Jorja Smith, "Fine Line"
--Kari Faux, "Fantasy"
--Ravyn Lenae, "Unknown"


Episode 22: The 'We Belong Together' Comeback Tour

The Get is back! We've got a new season coming at you, with a lineup of episodes that we're excited to share. For this first return episode, Ivy and Rhiana (with a little help from Ivy's mom, Dr. Ume!) answer your burning questions : Why it happen? How it happen? And will it happen again?

Hosts: Ivy Onyeador & Rhiana Gunn-Wright
Producer: Martine Powers
Theme Music: Taja Cheek

Music from this episode:
--Agatha Moses, "Nigerian Praises"
--Daniel Wilson, "Wedding Daze"
--Cardi B, "Foreva"
--Fifth Harmony, ft. Ty Dolla $ign, "Work From Home"

And here's that epic video of Mariah Carey doing the LEAST, which we love:


Episode 21: Won't You Celebrate With Me

To close out 2016, Ivy charms with some slam-esque poetry and Rhiana dishes on her Detroit digs. It's been a rough year, but we made it, we're damn proud, and have big plans for the new year. Tune in during your holiday travels!

Hosts: Rhiana Gunn-Wright and Ivy Onyeador
Producers: Martine Powers and Kristjiana Gong
Theme Music: Taja Cheek

"won't you celebrate with me," by Lucille Clifton

Music from this episode:

"OOOUUU," by Young M.A

"Where Did I Go," Jorja Smith

"Say Yes To This," Jill Scott…he-hamilton-mixtape

"Together," by Kaytranada

Episode 20: When Keeping It White Goes Wrong

Author and fellow Yalie RJ Hernandez joins Ivy and Rhiana to discuss his book An Innocent Fashion, the story of a young Latino man from Texas who makes it in the Ivy League, then suffers from depression while successfully passing for white in the New York fashion industry. Vanity Fair has compared it to "The Devil Wears Prada"; we think it's more akin to Nella Larsen’s "Passing."

Hosts: Rhiana Gunn-Wright and Ivy Onyeador
Producers: Martine Powers and Kristjiana Gong
Editing by: Martine Powers

Theme Music: Taja Cheek

Music from this episode*:

— "River," by Ibeyi
— "Unfaithful — Si Infidele," by Les Nubians
— "Yo Aprendí," by Danay Suarez
— "Fly," by Danay Suarez

*Fun fact: all the music in the episode has connections to cuba


This episode is all about celebration: Rhiana got married, Ivy was the most fly bridesmaid ever, and we've reached the one-year anniversary of the podcast! In the words of Rhiana's Facebook page: "I HAVE TRIPLE THE AMOUNT OF EYELASHES ON MY FACE WHAT A JOYOUS DAY."

Hosts: Rhiana Gunn-Wright and Ivy Onyeador
Produced by: Martine Powers and Kristjiana Gong
Edited by: Martine Powers

Theme music by: Taja Cheek

Music featured on this episode:
"September," by Earth Wind & Fire
"Int'l Players' Anthem (I Choose You)" by Outkast
"Family Business," by Kanye West
"Outstanding," The Gap Band

Episode 18: How to Fail (Not So) Gracefully

Failure — it's not just for wealthy white men! In this week’s episode, Rhiana and Ivy talk about failures in its various forms — and why we’re so tempted to share our stories about failure in neat, pretty packaging.

Hosts: Rhiana Gunn-Wright & Ivy Onyeador
Producers: Martine Powers and Kristjiana Gong
Editor: Martine Powers
Theme music: Taja Cheek

Songs from this episode:
- "No Room for Doubt," Lianna La Havas
- "No Lie," 2 Chainz ft. Drake
- "Flawless," Beyonce
- "Cheers to Life," by Voice

Episode 17: Movin' On Up

This week is all about class. Ivy and Rhiana discuss what they're too bougie for, talk about what it feels like to shift social class, and share how it feels when your pockets and your pedigree don't match.


Episode 16: This Ain't No Intro, This The Entree

We're back from break! And we've got a new episode with a mix of stories and reflections on race, #BlackLivesMatter, whitesplaining, midwestern culture, and wedding weaves.

Music featured in this episode:

— "All We Got," by Chance The Rapper
— "Rollin'," by Limp Bizkit
— "Black Rage," by Lauryn Hill
— "Slow Motion," by Juvenile
— "Good As Hell," by Lizzo


Episode 15: Thoughts, Guts, and Feelings

On this episode, Ivy and Rhiana talk with Eva Wilson, clinical-therapist-to-be and all-around-WOC-mind-body-badass about strategies to improve mental and physical health. Plus, Eva offers up a modest defense of Rachel Dolezal ... that actually kind of makes sense.

Music featured in this episode: "What About Your Friends," by TLC


Episode 14: The Things We Carry

Lena Horne: "It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it." Ivy and Rhiana talk about depression, mental distress, and the power of listening.


If you need more information about mental health resources in your local area (US based), this link has a compilation of information:

Cover artwork:

"Untitled (melancholy dame/carmen jones)" by Lorna Simpson. (…ly-damecarmen-jones)

Music from this episode:
— "Flashing Lights," Kanye West

— "This Feeling," The Alabama Shakes

– "All I Got," Amel Larrieux

— "The Skies Will Break," Corinne Bailey Rae

— "Diamonds," Laura Mvula

— "A Song for Mama," Boyz II Men

Other clips from this episode:
— Another Round: Episode 33, "Pick A Slay"
Anotherroundwithhebenandtracy – Episode-33-pick-a-slay

— CBS News: "Eagleton speaks after stepping down as VP candidate"

— Associated Press: "Today in History"


Episode 13: U Mad? A WOC guide to dealing with the haters

Congratulations! You got into the college of your dreams (or you got the fellowship of your dreams, or the job of your dreams) … now, get ready to hear a lot of racist bulls--t from folks who think you don't deserve your success. Ivy and Rhiana talk about their own experiences with shutting down haters … and discuss their methods for grappling with their own self-doubt.


Episode 12: The Lighter Side of Racism

Racism isn't funny … except when it is. Ivy and Rhiana share their own encounters with racism and pass along some stories from listeners who've figured out that the only way to avoid crying is by laughing.

Music from this episode:
— "Get Away," The Internet
— "Bleeding Love," Leona Lewis
— "I Know You See Me," Lil' Kim
— "Love's Gone Bad," Chris Clark
— "Freek-A-Leek," Petey Pablo
— "What You Don't Do (Tom Misch Remix)," Lianne La Havas

Other stuff mentioned in the episode that you may find amusing:
— "Take the compliment, bitch."…e-compliment.html
— "Woman Literally CAN'T EVEN With This Bear Right Now."…o-1383368047.html


Episode 11: The Trouble with #BlackGirlMagic

What does it mean to use the terms #blackgirlmagic#carefreeblackgirl, or#blackgirlsarelit? Ivy and Rhiana dive into the appeal and pitfalls of defining yourself with a hashtag.

Episode 10: We Should All Be Activists

What does it mean to be an activist? Ivy and Rhiana dive into the question of how their definitions of activism have evolved over time … and they talk about how to balance service, ambition, and self-care.

Music featured in this episode:

Other clips:


Episode 9: 

In this episode, we explore love from different angles. With our friend Constance we discuss her inspiring#summerofradicalblacklove, the connection between self-love and romantic love, and the sacrificial, life-changing love of a kidney transplant. Ivy and her mother break down the Igbo word for love, ifunanya, and the beauty of being truly seen. Rhiana and her #feyonce Nigel give us a taste of their delicious relationship. #KitchenChronicles

Music from this episode:

  • "A Long Walk," Jill Scott
  • "#Beautiful," Mariah Carey, ft. Miguel
  • "Love Music," Earth, Wind & Fire


Episode 8: Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

We looove to hear from our listeners — and in this episode, Ivy and Rhiana respond to messages from the #squad.


Music from this episode:

  • "Finally," CeCe Peniston
  • "Roll It Gal," Alison Hinds
  • "Love Myself," Hailee Steinfeld
  • "Contradiction," Mali Music ft. Jhene Aiko
  • "Overcome," Laura Mvula


Episode 7: The Body Is Not An Apology

In the first episode of 2016, Rhiana and Ivy discuss the too frequent comments about bodies that come with the holidays and complicated relationships between weight and New Year's resolutions.


Episode 6: Hierarchy of Hotness

In this episode, Ivy and Rhiana use Netflix's "Master of None" as a springboard for conversation about immigrant narratives, dating, and beauty standards; in the second half of the episode, producer Kristjiana joins the discussion.

Episode 5: Podcast for the People

In this week's episode, we revel in the awesomeness of our Harvard-Yale get TURNT party, hear from some of our fabulous listeners, and have a discussion about recognizing our own privilege.

Episode 4: Fight or Flight (Transcript)

It's been a tough week at Yale — a week full of anger, and doubt, and frustration. In a conversation largely recorded just after Halloween, Ivy and Rhiana talk about issues of cultural sensitivity on campus, and also check in with each other about mental health and the challenges of staying committed in an academic environment where you don't feel like you belong.

(And here's that not-so-helpful article from The Atlantic that we reference in the podcast, "The Coddling of the American Mind")

Episode 3: The Cost of Being a Bo$$

Ivy and Rhiana share why they watched nary a moment of the Democratic presidential debate, discuss Nicki Minaj vs. the New York Times, and reflect on their journeys to let out their inner boss bitch.

Episode 2: Empires and Dynasties

Ivy and Rhiana talk Empire, Amber Rose's Slutwalk, and why Wiz Khalifa "looks like someone's dirty aunty." Plus, they share their answers to the New York Times' "36 Questions to Make You Fall in Love."

Episode 1: Hype Girl Problems (rough transcript)

In this episode*, we finally explain why we call ourselves the get., connect an excellent Harvard Business Review article to the race for the presidential nomination, and revel in the ‪#‎blackgirlmagic‬ at this year's Emmys.

*One of our amazing listeners pointed out that the closing song in this episode features lyrics that denigrates Ru Paul, which is certainly not something we intended. Thank you to Rik Jeffery for bringing this to our attention. We're so sorry for our oversight, and promise to be more vigilant about looking at lyrics in the future.